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World Chocolate Day 2017

OBS Celebrates One Team- One Mission-World Chocolate Day:

The OBS Group strongly believes in not only promoting its corporate values but also living them  and creating synergy to motivate teams to work together with its tagline- One team One mission. The management aims to reinforce such initiatives through various platforms, events and activities. In this regards, one such platform of ‘The World Chocolate Day’ was utilized to reiterate the company valuesand mission.

This was celebrated at OBS Pakistan as a creative way to promote the company’s core values like ethics & integrity.

 The event was celebrated at three locations, OBS Head Office, OBS Plant and Aspin. Employees experienced exclusive ‘Team Synergy Sessions’ with their supervisors where they were specially appreciated on their contributions and specific team projects; chocolates were handed over to each team member amidst appreciative clapping and praise. The chocolate ‘rewards’ contained positive, motivational messages such as “You are important to our team!” , that motivated teams immensely. These sessions carried on throughout the day, in various departments and functions.

The ambience and décor complimented this event with exciting messages promoting team work and our corporate values displayed around the premises at all three locations, to bring teams together to enjoy and experience various activities. In order to make sure there was something for everyone, chocolate fountains with marshmallows were placed at the OBS offices for teams to enjoy ‘Happy Team Moments’. Employees had the liberty to go there at their convenience and at as many times as they pleased. Every employee was served a surprise dessert at lunch, as a reward for their hard work.
‘Selfie Walls’ with funky props had also been placed by the entrance. The ‘Values Wall’ had all the company’s values printed on it. Employees posed in front of this wall with props that promoted the combined effort of one unified workforce. Some of the messages on the props included: “Dream Team” and “Team of the Year”.  Through this event, the company refreshed its core values while providing its employees with a memorable day at work.
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