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Launch of Nausidox

OBS Pakistan, has recently launched  Nausidox , Doxylamine succinate/ Pyridoxine HCl. Nausidox is indicated for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy in patients who do not respond to conservative management. It will be made available in the pack size of 30s.

According to IMS, for the 12 months MAT March 2016, the market for Doxylamine succinate/ Pyridoxine HCl is approximated at Rs. 113 M.

The Women’s health portfolio launched the brand recently at Hotel Serena, Faisalabad with the team. The event was held from 18th July to 20th July 2016 with participants from across Pakistan. A comprehensive medical training was conducted by the medical department to resolve the queries related to the product. The three day event was filled with activities related to team engagement and motivation which included sky lantern event, movie showing, action plan and team Q and A. The MD of the company, Dr Ali Afzal was also present at the event and discussed the product significance and the market need in detail.



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