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MT Pro2014gram –

September 2014 embarks upon the journey of Future Leader Program at OBS Group. This initiative has been taken by Senior Director Mrs. Adeela Tarek Khan in order to enrich the corporate brand identity of OBS Group while acquiring the top talent. The Future Leader Program 2014 is a one year comprehensive rotational program, where selected candidates shall be exposed to different business aspects. These candidates were to be selected from the best Medical and Business schools. This program is to ensure that best talent is acquired and trained to be the potential Leaders.
OBS HR team ran an aggressive campus drive with corporate branding, along with interactive sessions & presentation with the students. We visited Baqai University, Ziauddin University and Karachi University for Pharmacy graduates. Whereas, CBM & IBA for Business graduates and NED University for Engineers. During our sessions students were acquainted with the Future Leader Program and their career options with OBS. Moreover, while counseling them for their career, their queries were also addressed.
A comprehensive test was devised upon behavioral based questions in order to test their aptitude and decision making capabilities in perspective of our Company values. Business and Engineer graduates were assessed at their respective campuses. Whereas, the assessment of  Pharmacy / Medical graduates was conducted at PSTD.
From November 2014 Future Leaders are on-boarded for a complete learning and development experience at OBS. We welcome our Future Leaders and look forward to groom them for the corporate challenges.
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