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Farewell – OBS Summer Internship Program 2013 & Launching – OBS MTO Program


OBS endeavoured to play a vital role in the development and progress of the society. Every forward looking organization has a corporate social responsibility to contribute towards the efforts of development of younger generation. As a part of OBS recent effort to build a sustainable & comprehensive development program we once again launch Summer Internship program.

This year we contacted the top universities of Karachi. Our recruitment strategy was focused on attracting graduates through on campus advertisement and strong liaison with the career offices of these institutions. The interns were hired through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we make the best selection for the available positions. The applicants were tested on campus at SZABIST and IBA Karachi on a logic ability test to evaluate their ability to interpret and understand verbal & numerical data. The top scoring applicants were called for interviews.

The selected candidates were given a comprehensive introduction of OBS on the day of their joining. The interns were later introduced to their mentors and assigned a dedicated project with defined KPIs to assess its completion. The progress of each intern was evaluated at the end of the program and a comprehensive report was submitted by internees regarding their assigned projects.

During the course of the internship program a meeting was conducted by Madam Adeela Tarek, Senior Director OBS Group in which interns along with mentors participated. The theme of this meeting was “Nurturing Young Talent“. In this interactive session all interns shared their experiences and discussed the progress of their assigned projects. A small plant was presented to all mentors in order to symbolise them as a Gardner who are responsible for nurturing of young talent and books were provided to interns for their guidance.

The Human Resources Department organized a farewell for the interns at OBS Head Office where Mr. Tarek M. Khan, CEO OBS Group and Mrs. Adeela Tarek, Senior Director in the presence of the Senior Management Team acknowledges the interns by awarding certificates along with souvenirs which will help them remember their memorable work experience at OBS.

Mr. Tarek acknowledged the talent of the interns and highlighted the importance of youth development in his speech. At the end of the ceremony he announced the OBS Management Trainee Program. This year we have selected two Management Trainees from the same batch of internees.

We intend to further initiate various innovative talent management programs in OBS to ensure we have the best talent in the company and we contribute in the development of the youth of the country.

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