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OBS Participants Attended IBA Workshop on Building Strong Pharma Brands, Which Was Held on 30th, 31st January 2012.

ibs cee 280x196Nowadays, barring a few MNCs, the pharmaceutical industry is not “Branding” their products. Even though products are being marketed aggressively, the generics are gaining momentum at cheaper prices because there is no focus on giving the product a name.

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) arranged a workshop on 30th and 31st January 2012 on “Building Strong Pharma Brands”. It focused on branding tools and laws as to how “Branding Contact” at various levels may create a difference.

We, at OBS, believe in developing our employees through continuous training and in alignment with this mission, our Marketing team, Head of Supply Chain and Deputy Director Finance attended the workshop. The attendees described the event as an excellent learning experience where the theoretical aspect of branding was extensively covered followed by practical implementation through group presentations on the brand models.

Wishing OBS participants all the success in the future!

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